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Retail’s digital transformation is rapidly changing how consumers shop. New technologies emerge daily which offer more personalization, greater experiential value, unique in-store mobile engagement, and new payment, purchase and delivery options.

Retail Council of Canada spotlights emerging trends and connects with experts to provide inspiration for new digital and retail technology strategies.

What is live shopping and how can retailers leverage it to drive success?

This article will walk you through what live shopping is, why it has become the next big trend in e-commerce, and how retailers can implement it within their business strategies to drive optimal success.

Key Issues

Privacy and Data Security
Privacy and Data Security

Increasingly, the retail landscape requires retailers to make use of data to create great customer experiences, while also protecting individuals’ personal information.

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eCommerce Committee

The eCommerce Committee is comprised of retail eCommerce professionals, with an objective to provide leadership and direction regarding public policy and digital retail strategies and to recommend, review and commission industry and consumer benchmarking and communications research for the benefit of RCC members. The Committee will also provide guidance and leadership concerning education, conferences and content related to eCommerce and digital strategies. In addition, the committee serves to facilitate high level networking and knowledge sharing amongst retail industry peers in the eCommerce realm. Join this committee

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