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The Benefits of Surveys for Technology-Savvy Retailers

June 2, 2022

This article is provided by Reshift Media,加拿大的一个专门从事零售业务的数字营销和发展组织.

Are customer surveys in retail outdated? 现在的顾客有意愿或时间去填写一份关于他们对企业看法的调查问卷吗? If you are a retailer who remains ahead of the digital curve by regularly adopting new technology, 您可能想知道像客户调查这样的“传统”流程是否值得花费时间和精力.

After all, 您可以从您的任何数字平台检索来自客户的数据(包括当前的和潜在的), such as social media or your website, may provide you with what seems like enough good or bad feedback. For instance, your engagement levels on social media, your level of in-cart abandonment, 或者缺乏数字广告的转化可能表明客户是如何看待你的产品的.

So, are traditional surveys overrated and outdated? It depends.

Are all types of surveys going to be beneficial for your retail business? Absolutely not. 让顾客填写一份耗时太长的多页调查问卷,可能对顾客和零售商都没有太大的价值. 客户可能会对太多的问题感到不知所措,匆忙地给出答案以完成调查或中途放弃调查, which is not going to provide the qualitative data retailers need.

On the other hand, 精心策划的调查,让顾客更容易分享他们的想法, and that is formatted in a way that showcases your digital-first mindset, may be worth it.

Below are some of the benefits of receiving direct customer feedback via surveys, the various types of surveys you can implement, 以及您可以提供调查的方式,以增加获得客户参与的可能性.

What is customer feedback?

调查可以让顾客表达他们对企业的满意或不满意, products, and/or services. While there are a variety of ways to receive customer feedback, such as through reviews, word of mouth, or social media comments, these are often considered unprompted feedback, in that the retailer is not explicitly asking for it. Meanwhile, isbe a more tailored approach. 这两种方法都很好,对零售商寻求改进他们的商业策略和从他们的客户群中发现更多信息非常有帮助.

The value of customer feedback

无论是积极的还是消极的反馈,在零售行业几乎总是有帮助的. Customer feedback can help retailers better meet customer needs, maintain satisfaction, improve loyalty, help expand product/service offerings that work well, and more.

Customer feedback can help you make more informed, confident decisions. 尽管你可能已经清楚地知道你的用户是谁,并预测他们通常想要或需要从你的业务中得到什么, it is especially reassuring to hear it from your customers themselves. Is a new service you implemented working? Are your product offerings enough to meet their needs? In a way, customer feedback through prompted methods like surveys, is essentially asking customers for advice about what’s working and what’s not.

What are the benefits of customer surveys in retail?

Let’s look at who typically fills out customer surveys. Research indicates that while 85% of people will provide feedback if they have a good experience, 81% will give feedback when they have a negative one, while only 48% will provide feedback if they’ve had a “normal experience.”

While both extremes (positive vs. negative) from customers can offer valuable information, 从那些对您的业务有“典型”或一般经验的客户那里获得想法和意见也很有用. 这些客户可能是你的常客,他们在每次参与你的业务时都有一致的体验. 接受他们的反馈可以让你深入了解如何长期增加回头客.

调查的一个重要方面是,零售商可以在整个顾客旅程的不同地点发送它们给顾客. 在客户第一次购买后进行一个简短的客户满意度调查,可以确保他们对你的业务感到满意, which can help lead to greater retention. 这也可以帮助点燃一种有意义的关系,让你的客户感觉他们被倾听,他们的意见很重要, which you can help demonstrate by taking their advice and implementing it.

Surveys can be of great use even before a customer makes a purchase. Think of those instances where an individual abandons their cart; how great would it be to receive feedback at that very moment about why they didn’t make a purchase? That’s where surveys can help. With a couple of carefully constructed questions, and possibly a rating scale for greater efficiency, you may be able to understand why they didn’t follow through with the purchase, which can assist you going forward in your efforts to reduce cart abandonment.

仅仅因为顾客在第一次光顾后就有了积极的体验, does not mean their needs will stay the same over time, and remaining stagnant in your business strategies can lead to dissatisfaction. 通过调查,及时发现这些消费者的变化是非常有用的.

Types of surveys

There are many types of customer feedback surveys that retailers can implement. Here are a few popular methods to consider:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): This type of survey is widely used to measure customer satisfaction. 它通常分为两部分,包括评分和开放式问题. 为了确定你的得分,你需要从诋毁者的百分比中减去推广者的百分比. Promoters are those who made ratings of 9 or 10, while detractors are those who select between 0 to 6. 介于两者之间的都被认为是被动的,他们不包括在NPS之内. This type of survey can be a great way to combine the ease of rating, but that also includes follow-ups that require explaining the ratings; context is key.  
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): This survey is pretty open-ended, 这里的目标是询问你的客户对你的产品/服务或你的业务整体的满意度. However, to get the greatest benefit from this type of survey, the questions you ask need to be motivating to answer, no just “yes” or “no” responses. Instead of asking “Are you satisfied with ___ service and why?” you may consider asking, “What features of this service are beneficial to you?” or “In what ways do our services help you reach your desired goal?这样的开放式问题有助于引导你的客户做出回应.
  • Customer Effort Score (CES): 这有助于衡量客户在使用你的产品/服务时所付出的努力, finding an answer to their question, having an issue resolved, etc. This type of survey can be given to the customer multiple times, and it usually asks customers to rate something 1-5; strongly disagree to strongly agree. 例如,问题可以是:“对我来说找到问题的答案很容易。”. Receiving this type of feedback can be beneficial, especially when determining how helpful your customer support is, which is paramount in ensuring customers have a positive experience. The less effort from customers, the better your CES will be.

Ways to deliver customer surveys

让客户调查变得有价值,并为你提供获得有价值反馈的最佳机会, the survey should be given in an accessible format. As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, more consumers are spending time online and on their mobile devices. Therefore, 通过数字方式发布调查将会是一个很好的方法来满足你的客户已经花费了他们的时间. Ensuring your survey is mobile friendly is imperative, as completing the survey should not be difficult for the consumer.

通过后续的电子邮件接收顾客的反馈是零售商常用的方法. After making a purchase, 客户可以收到一封电子邮件(可能是自动发送的),其中包含要完成的调查的链接. The idea is to make room for a conversation, so using questions related directly to that customer’s purchase, 而不是一般性的关于你整个业务的问题(可以在之后的调查中使用)会更有益, as it will help the customer be more focused in their answers..

Customer feedback surveys that appear on your website can also help, especially when you have determined what exactly it is you want to measure. As we previously mentioned, 顾客丢弃购物车后出现的调查可以帮助你确定他们的动机. To lead to the greatest results, your survey should have a reason behind it, 因为它将帮助你确定什么时候是一个合适的时间交付给你的客户.

Improving the customer experience is a gradual process, and there is always an opportunity to learn and improve; surveys can help you get there.

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